Introduction to Reiki for Codependency

Hi everyone. I’m Julie. I’m an Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher and Founder of Jiva Reiki School where I teach people how to live happier, healthier lives. Today we are going to be doing an introduction to Reiki for codependency. Codependency is a huge topic and I will be doing a series of videos focusing on this topic. Today we will just go over a brief introduction about codependency. So, you’re probably wondering, if you don’t know already, “what is codependency?”

A definition I really like from the Book Codependent No More states that codependency is a behavior condition that developed as a result of an individual's prolonged exposure to and practice of a set of oppressive rules- which prevent the open expression of feelings as well a direct discussion of personal and interpersonal feelings. Now it still may not seem very clear to you what codependency still is. So, I am going to asking you a few questions where you can answer yes or no.

Do you think or feel responsible for people’s feelings?

Do you feel anxiety, guilt, and pain when others have a problem?

Do you anticipate others needs and wonder why others don’t do the same for you?

Do you say yes when you mean no?

Do you feel sad you give so much and other don’t give to you?

Do you feel awkward when others do give to you?

Do you not know what you want or need or if you do know do you put it as not as important as others?

If you said yes, to any of theses questions you MIGHT be a codependent.

Don’t worry this isn’t your fault and you have the power to change this.

I’m a recovering codependent. I was raised in a household where I couldn’t express my feelings, wants or needs. If I did express my feelings, wants, or needs they got brushed aside and completely ignored. So, after a while I learned not to even recognize my feelings, opinions, needs, and wants. I learned to move through life by responding to other people’s needs and wants instead. I had an underlying deep feeling of worthlessness and a belief that I wasn’t enough. My Reiki journey was the beginning of my recovery. However, at the time, I didn’t know the name of the mental illness I was suffering from. From the outside looking in, everything seemed fine. I was a successful yoga and Reiki teacher but no one knew the real internal dialogue going on in my head. I actually felt kind of crazy because I had even gone to see therapist and two told me I was completely fine. I wasn’t until I read Copendency No More recommended by my Vedic Psychologist that  put a name to an internal condition I had been feeling for so long and finally found relief. This first step in recovery of codependency is awareness. That is what we will be focusing on our mini Reiki Meditation today.

Before we start, I just want to say one more thing. There is a spectrum of codependency. It isn’t black and white. I asked you five of the hundred of symptoms of codependency.  Everybody will do or haves theses symptoms at different and varying intensities. So, let’s begin.

Sitting up nice and tall.

[3-part breath]

Mentally repeat after me as I beam you Reiki.

“Reiki thank you for giving me the courage and confidence to become aware of my codependency tendencies.”

“Reiki thank you for guiding me to notice whenever I go into autopilot and exert a codependency behavior.”

“Reiki thank you for helping me release any guilt, shame, or embarrassment I may have about being a codependent.