Reiki for Releasing Anger

Full Transcript

Hi everyone. I’m Julie. I’m an Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher and founder of Jiva Reiki School where I teach people how to live happier, healthier lives. Today we are going to be doing Reiki for releasing anger.

So, sit up nice and tall. Close your eyes and just start to focus on your breath: the inhale and the exhale without judging. Let go of anything that may be on your mind. Let go of your to-do list. Let go of your expectations. Let go of your story. Allow yourself to be fully present for this Anger- Releasing Reiki Meditation.

Then follow along with me. Keep your eyes closed. Bring your hands to your lower belly, and on your inhale, inhale filling up your lower belly. Feel your lower belly rise and expand. Exhale and get all that stale air out of your lower belly. Inhale, lower belly rises and expands. Exhale, lower belly falls. Move your hands to your rib cage. On your inhale, inhale lower belly, rib cage rises and expands. Exhale, rib cage then lower belly. Inhale, lower belly, rib cage, rises and expands. Exhale, rib cage, lower belly. Move your hands to your heart. This time on your inhale, inhale, lower belly, rib cage, heart. Heart rises and expands. Exhale, heart rib cage, lower belly. Continue to breathe like this. Take deep, long, slow three-part breaths. Really feeling your breath move through all three areas of  your body.

Return your breath back to normal. Releasing your hands. Keeping your eyes closed. Before we begin, we are just going to set our intention. So, mentally repeat after me, “It is safe for me to look within. It is safe for me to express my anger in this Reiki Meditation. I allow myself to tap into this anger in this Reiki Meditation.” In just a moment you will be going on a short journey to release your anger. The first part of this meditation will be meeting your Holy Fire Reiki Guide who will help you along this anger-releasing process. Remember that Holy Fire Reiki doesn’t burn. The Holy Fire flame does not burn but rather it heals, empowers, guides, and purifies. Knowing that for each and everyone one of you, this Holy Fire Reiki Guide will show up differently. It may show up as a feeling, a flame, a person, or a sensation. Just know that it is going to be unique for each and every single one of you.

So, in your mind’s eye, visualize a bridge of light, a bridge made out of pure Reiki Love. You walk across this bridge and on the other side of the bridge, there is a door. You open the door and you’re in a white room. There waiting to greet you is your Holy Fire Reiki Guide. You notice how this Holy Fire Reiki Guide appears to you. Take a few moments to get acquainted with your guide. Thank your guide for helping you along your anger-releasing journey. Then across the room, you see another door. You and your Holy Fire Reiki Guide walk across the room towards the door. Together you exit through the door and there is another bridge or Reiki light. You cross this bridge with your guide. On the other side of this bridge, there is a beautiful crystal cave. You enter this crystal cave with your guide. You notice what kind of crystal it appears to you as. You take a moment to feel the high vibrational frequency of this cave. Thank the cave for helping you transmute your anger. Now, your Holy Fire Guide goes and gets the person that you’re really anger at. Your Holy Fire Guide brings the person so that they are standing right in front of you making eye contact with you. You tell that person exactly how you feel. You tell them how they hurt you. Let it out. Don’t hold anything back. It’s okay to scream, curse, and say your honest feelings here. You’re in a safe place and Holy Fire is guiding you. Good. Let it out. Tell them how they made you feel. Tell them why you are angry at them. Good. Let it all out. Tell them what the anger made you want to do to them. Yes. Let it out. Say that last thing that you want to say to them. Tell them the thing that you never told them before. Now that you’ve gotten it all out, ask Holy Fire to appear in your palm as a flame. Remember this isn’t a flame that burns but rather guides, heals, empowers, and purifies. Take the flame and place it at the top of the head of the person that you’re angry at. Watch the flame completely go over their whole entire body completely wrapped in this Holy Fire Flame. Watch that flame turn that person into ash. Release your anger. Watch the ash fall to the ground and the Holy Fire flame disappear. Wow! Do you feel amazing. You finally got that anger off your chest. Now right before your eyes, the Holy Fire Flame reappears bringing that person back to life. The Holy Fire Flame disappears and you’re now again face to face with that person but this time you see them through the eyes of love. You see them through eyes of compassion. You see then with new vision. That anger that was previously there is now gone. And maybe just maybe, you are ready to forgive them. Remember that forgiveness does not mean that what they did was okay. It just means that you no longer let anger have power over you.

Take a moment to see if you are ready to forgive that person. When your are ready, your Holy Fire Guide will escort you out of the crystal cave back over the bridge or Reiki Light and back into yourself. Bring your awareness back into your body. Take a moment with your eyes closed to just notice how you feel. Thank your Holy Fire Reiki Guide for helping you release this anger. Know that you can come back to this crystal cave at anytime to continue to release anger as it may come up. When you’re ready, flicker your eyes open.

Good job everyone! Doesn’t it feel so great to release all that anger. Sending you guys all of my Reiki Love this week.