Ocean of Holy Love Meditation

To quote from William Lee Rand:

“The Ocean of Holy Love is an ocean of liquid light that contains many colors and frequencies which provide healing for a wide range of conditions and issues. The energy is very soothing and feels wonderful. There may also be flames of Holy Fire both above and below the surface. The flames do not burn; they feel wonderful as they purify, heal, guide, empower and protect.” 

Full Transcript

Hi everyone. I’m Julie. I’m an Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher and founder of Jiva Reiki School. Today we are going to be doing a Holy Love Experience. This means I am going to facilitate a meditation where I hold space and the Reiki energy comes and works directly with you, guiding you in the perfect, right way that is best for you. Remember Reiki is Spiritually Guided Life Energy. The Rei part of Reiki has this beautiful Divine Wisdom and Divine Intelligence so that Reiki knows where to go for your best and highest healing. Sometimes in this material world, we might think we know what’s for our best and highest good but Reiki really truly knows what’s best and right for us.

So, getting comfortable. Maybe sitting up nice and tall or laying down. Starting to close your eyes and tune into your breath. The inhale and the exhale. Trying to take deep, long, slow inhales. Letting go of your story. Letting go of your to-do list. Letting go of anything else that may be on your mind. Allowing yourself to be fully present.

Starting to visualize, feel, sense, know, or imagine that you are at the beach. Feeling the sand beneath your feet. You are just walking along the beach. You are all alone, in a very safe space. Hearing the sounds of the birds and the sounds of the waves. The sun on your skin. Uphead on the beach, you see a mound of sand with a log on it. You start to walk closer, and closer, and closer to this log. With every step, letting go of fear, anxiety, and worry that still may be on your mind. Finally, you reach the log and you take a seat. You look out into the ocean and know that this is no ordinary ocean for it is the ocean of Holy Fire Reiki. Allow the ocean to guide you.

*Silence as the Reiki is guiding you*

When you are ready, you may enjoy the experience for as long as you would like. But when you are ready, starting to bring your awareness back into your body. Starting to take deep breaths. When you are ready, slowly flickering your eyes open.

Know that everybody has different experiences in theses meditations because Reiki comes and meets people where they are at. And so, I encourage everyone to leave a comment below with their experience. Because even though,the experiences may be different, I find it very healing to share.

Sending you all of my Reiki Love this week.