Empowering Your Goals with Holy Fire II


Is there a goal that you’ve been working on but you just can’t seem to make happen? Reiki can help!

Holy Fire energy is continually evolving. Holy Fire II energy is further refined than Holy Fire I energy and improves the quality of Reiki that is within you and that you are able to channel when you give Reiki. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and let’s experience it! Write a goal that you are working towards on the piece of paper in a positive, affirmative way. Then hold this goal in your mind as Reiki is beamed to you. This creates an energetic pathway so that your goal can manifest faster and easier into this physical reality. Please share you experience below in the comment section.

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Full Transcript

Hi everyone. I’m Julie. I’m an Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher and founder of Jiva Reiki School. Today, we are going to be doing empowering your goals with Usui Holy Fire Reiki II. Last week, we did Experience Holy Fire Reiki. Since last week, I got the Holy Fire II upgrade. There are two main differences between Holy Fire II and Holy Fire I. First, Holy Fire II is more refined energy and improves the quality of Holy Fire Reiki. I’ve experienced it myself. It is very, very, very powerful. We replace ignitions or attunements with a word called placements. This simple means, that instead of the Reiki Master Teacher working directly with the student, the Holy Fire energy comes and works directly with each student and the Reiki Master Teacher just holds space. This is very important because the Reiki Master Teacher’s energy is not involved in the attunement at all.  This really tailors the placement for the student. Reik is coming and working with the student, meeting the student exactly where they are at giving them exactly the perfect right thing for what they personally need. I’ve seen this and watched my Reiki I students. It is very, very powerful. And it did truly meet each student at exactly where they were at.

So, I would like for you to try Holy Fire Reiki II and I would love to hear about your experiences in the comment section below. So, for this mini-Reiki session, maybe get an index card, a pen or pencil. And you are going to write one of your goals, in a positive, affirmative way on the index card or piece of paper or you can even type it in the note section of your phone.

I will use my goal as an example. If you didn’t know, I am traveling to India next week. I really want to have faith and trust that everything is going to happen at the perfect right time and just really trusting the universe to take care of me. And not setting my exact intention of how I want everything to go but rather just having faith that I am really taken care of and that I will end up in the perfect, right places. So, on my index card, I wrote, “I have faith that the universe has completely taken care of me. The perfect, right people come to me at the perfect, right time, space, sequence. I am completely taken care of. I am greeted with love everywhere I go. All is well. So, that’s what I wrote on my index card. So, you can write something like this. Pause the video to take a few minutes to think about a goal in your life and write it on your index card. Then when you are ready, press play on the video and we’ll get started.

So, sitting up nice and tall. Elongating your spine. Starting to close your eyes. Tuning into your breath. The inhale. The exhale. Letting go of anything that may be on your mind. Letting go of your story. Letting go of your expectations. Letting go of your to-do list. Allowing yourself to be fully present in this moment.

Visualizing or putting your goal into your mind’s eye. So, thinking about your goal in your head. As I start to beam you Holy Fire II Reiki to empower your goal. And just try to focus on your breathing or just listening to the sound of the ocean. Knowing that it is okay if your mind wanders. Bringing your attention back on your breath or back on the sound of the ocean. Meditation is a practice. Don’t be hard on yourself.

Placing your hands over your heart. Feeling, knowing, that your goal has already come true. Tapping into that energy. Feeling how it would feel if your goal has already manifested into this physical reality. How would you feel? What would it look like?

When you are ready, slowly flickering your eyes open.

We have just empowered your goal with Reiki energy. This means that we helped create an energetic pathway for your goal to help manifest into this physical reality. We know as Reiki people that everything is made up of energy. And that everything happens in the energetic world first, before it manifests into our physical reality. And so when we create an energetic pathway, we help our goal come about easier because the energetic pathway is already there.

Thank you so much for watching this video. Know that anytime you can come back to this video and empower another goal or the same goal. Sending you guys all of my Reiki Love this week.