2 Minute Reiki Boost

Full Transcript

Hi everyone. I’m Julie. I’m an Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher and founder of Jiva Reiki School. Today, we are going to do a 2-minute Reiki Boost. So, whatever you’re doing, put it down! We are going to take 2 minutes to tune into our body, focus on our breath, and get Reiki. Reiki is a form of energy healing that is deeply relaxing and promotes the healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Reiki works in the way that it increases you ki, or life energy. When you’re ki is high you are more susceptible to health, happiness, and joy. When your ki is low you are more susceptible to disease, illness, sadness, and depression.

So, what we are going to do in this quick, 2-minute video is increase your ki, increase your life energy, and help you tune back into your body, your breath, and your source of Love, right within your heart.

So, sitting up nice and tall. Closing your eyes. Start to tune into your breath. The inhale. The exhale. Trying to take deep, long slow breaths. Letting go of your story. Letting go of your to-do list. Letting go of your expectations. Allowing yourself to be fully present for these two minutes.

I will start to beam you Reiki now. Just focusing on your breath. It’s okay if your mind wanders. Just bring your attention back on your breath. Knowing that meditation is a practice.

Placing your hands over your heart. Knowing that whatever you are going through right now, that you can overcome it. When you are ready, flickering your eyes open.

Thank you so much for watching this quick two minute Reiki Boost. Sending you guys all my Reiki Love this week.