It’s time you were less stressed and more relaxed so that you can live a happier, healthier life!

 In Reiki, everything is made up of energy, from the thoughts we think to the feelings we feel. Our body’s aura or energy field collects all of our positive and negative thoughts and experiences which affect your energy. For example, if you get into a fight with someone and you have a charged feeling, that can create byo-ki or energy that no longer serves you but is still in your energy field affecting how you feel.

Receive a weekly 30 minute Reiki boost which will help clear and balance your energy field from the collected energy of the week.

When your ki or life energy is low from the normal ups and downs of living, you are more susceptible to illness. Receiving a 30 minute Reiki boost every week helps increase your ki or life force which, when it is high, makes you less susceptible to disease and helps you become more relaxed, peaceful, and calmer.

In Reiki there is no time or space. Distance Reiki is just as powerful as in-person Reiki. There is a Reiki symbol which I will use to bridge time and space to send you your weekly 30 minute Reiki boost.